Crossing the boundless rice fields, the cold wind coming from afar is very scary. The sky is always dark in la liga. If you choose to look down on the earth, you can see the terrifying scarlet through the black soil. This is the Scarlet Wasteland. Marvin was alone and quickly walked out of the edge of the paddy field Beking. He now has the simplest map in his mind, which includes the topography of Eisengel and its northeast. In Eisengel, no one can get something for nothing. As a newcomer, it is naturally impossible for Marvin to obtain a complete map. He has to complete the task of Bet9ja into the camp. In order to hurry up, after some consideration, he chose a task with a high degree of difficulty. The reason why the difficulty factor of this task is quite high is because this Spinmatic task was posted on the bulletin board two weeks ago, but after two weeks, no one has completed it. And most of the people in the camp are not interested in this task, even if the price is as high as 30 blood essence stones. After discussing with the manager who released the task, Ma Wen added a standard Eisengel novice tool kit to the 30 blood essence stones, and finally reached an agreement. Generally speaking, new members of the camp will have some discounts in completing tasks. Marvin only needs to complete a novice patrol mission to get a complete novice kit. The toolkit includes the following three things: two maps, the large map of the Scarlet Wasteland, and a small map near Eisengar; a teleportation scroll that can be teleported back to Eisengar within two hundred miles; The microscopic cloak is said to help you hide your own aura. BGaming And Novice Patrol Ren

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