The Lan family can be considered to be in bad luck for NetEnt these days. After the second batch of people going to the next three days left; the Lan family began to clean up the mess. The majestic gate that had stood for 10,000 years was directly burnt to black ash, so of course it couldn’t be used. Naturally, the Lan family needs to renovate vigorously. Regarding this point, the Lan family had no choice but to laugh at themselves: Slot Games has been around for 10,000 years, so I don’t like him a long time ago. Now it’s burned, so it’s time to re-betting and change it to a beautiful one. The Lan family is going to do a lot of construction work, so of course they need to purchase, and so many people in the family have died, so they naturally have to do funerals; Can you take care of these trivial matters? Naturally, it’s done after the arrangements are made. Moreover, the current strength of the Lan family has basically been exhausted by 70% to 80%: more than 100 supreme masters from the secret army have rushed to the north to encircle and suppress the Li family. Another group of supreme masters went to the next three days, and another group of powerful masters needed to be dispatched to the passageway of the upper three days… Moreover, in the family, more than two super masters died in just two years. hundreds. Under such circumstances, there are really not many masters in the Lan family; In the hands of ordinary people in the Lan family. But this Endorphina time has completely exposed the Lan family’s ten thousand years of malpractice! To be honest, the Lan family has been passed down for thousands of years, and it is really rotten to the extreme; but usually there are those masters who suppress and take care of things; these people are all masters. For women’s property and so on

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