A black shadow flashed beside him, and said: “Yes. At present, the Li family runs the entire Northwest, and all the affiliated families are unified like an iron bucket! The surrounding flashscore is on alert, and entry is not allowed. Draw a dividing line with blood , Said, no matter who it is, whoever enters this line, die!” Fa Zun’s long hair was windless and said automatically: “How courageous!” The black shadow’s voice was like water, and he said flatly: “As far as I guess, we sent the The law enforcement branch in the northwest may have been uprooted.” “The Paripesa who entered the Li family may have also been purged. And Lang Yilang, who was the first to chase the Tiantong party into the northwest, was ruthlessly killed by the Li family. There is no doubt about it.” Fa Zun nodded slowly. Soi Ying continued: “According to my analysis, there must be a reason why the Li family is suddenly so powerful in Liverpool!” Fa Zun said: “Oh?” I’ve been trying to make ends meet, but this time the Evolution game suddenly became stronger, it’s so powerful that it’s messy and inexplicable!” “But just today, my subordinates suddenly understood.” Fa Zun said calmly: “You mean…” “Yes! It’s about the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! The Li family suddenly became stronger, and after the Li family’s sudden attack, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master happened to have la liga to the sixth section of the Nine Tribulations Sword and opened the Nine Layers The passage of heaven has begun the true conquest of the Forebet Nine Tribulations Sword Master!” “You mean, the Li family knew about it a few months in advance…” Fa Zun looked far away. “That’s right!” Hei Ying smiled faintly: “Besides this reason, I really don’t know what other reason can make the Li family so mad at the same time.

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