Fengling Tianxia) From early morning until now, I have been coding, and people have been sending me messages. I didn’t look at the list. But the numbers on the list, updated every moment, are constantly passed on to me by my brothers live betting. A thousand behind. Two thousand behind… Four thousand behind… Then ask me, what should I do? The last one asked me from Nairabet, ten minutes ago: Fengling, we are behind by 5,000 Slot Games votes, do you want to give up? I didn’t answer, pretending to be offline. Just wait till I finish ten chapters of Sportybet now! Now for the answer: how? I never gave up! Don’t say that NetEnt is behind by 5,000 votes! Even if I am 50,000 votes behind, I will not give up! ! My battle has not yet come to an end! Fifty-six Msports hours to go! ! The old cat said a word in October, which is still fresh in my memory: Even if Surebet247 fights with the air, I will win! I am fighting! Rarely in life, 22Bet is crazy several times! As I said, three days and thirty updates! This sentence is painful, and it represents the darkness of the sky! Nothing else, because the words that come out of my mouth are the wind and the world! I am proud! ! Promises are fulfilled! Chrysostom baccarat Tieno! So rumble I will fight on! And it will continue to fight for fifty-six hours! Until the end of the month! ! Continue ten more tomorrow! ! ! Start updating early in the morning! ! Let’s fight! ! Only by defeating a powerful opponent can we show our strength! ! !

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