·Chu Yang is like a flat boat in the raging waves, rushing up with the wind and waves, and falling down with the wind and waves, but no matter how strong the wind and waves are, they still can’t completely submerge the flat boat. Chu Yang’s mind was emptied and he forgot everything. Just follow the opponent’s sword, and cast the soft water sword intent. Even, there is no need to use roulette for flashscore. But it constitutes a seamless defense! “If the opponent’s Betting sword is a raging sea, a storm, and there is only a bend of clear water on my side…” Chu Yang thought in his heart: “But… a bend of clear water, can I not attack?” “If I were What will happen to a river in the face of a storm?” “No!” “If I were a river, then the wind and rain should increase my strength! Whether it is raining or snowing, or Nairabet or fog, it will only increase my strength. Strength is the right thing…” Chu Yang suddenly had a clear understanding in his heart. The next moment, his sword technique changed again! Become acceptance! next moment! Puff puff puff… Chu Yang yelled, and he rolled ten feet away, covering his whole body. Just such a change of move would have added more than ten wounds. If he hadn’t dodged quickly, his entire left leg would have been cut off. A cruel look appeared in Ye Zui’s eyes, and the magic sword drove straight in, shooting straight in the air, and pierced Chu Yang’s heart fiercely! Chu Yang’s embarrassed BGaming rolled on the ground and jumped up. There was a clanging sound of the long swords, and a strong vibration came. Chu Yang fell out of the man city ten feet. And the opponent’s sword was already in front of him. from beginning to end. Chu Yang didn’t even have time to take the Nine Layers Pill! Chu Yang had no choice but to use the live betting Soft Water Sword Intent again to stabilize the situation. in my heart

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