Chu Yang hummed, thoughtfully, and said, “Then, it’s really fast enough. Ordinarily, the Chen family is far away, but I didn’t expect to be the first to arrive at this live betting.” Wanjie said : “That’s natural; if you ride a horse, even if NetEnt doesn’t spare horsepower, it can only travel up to 1,300 miles a day and a night… And it can only be done by a one-in-a-thousand-in-a-thousand BMW horse. Wind Beast, as an eighth-level spirit beast, can run five thousand miles in one day! Moreover, after a night’s rest, it can fully recover the next day.” “I see.” Chu Yang thought flashscore rumbled in his heart, but I was thinking about the secret method of domestication, such methods as 22Bet, it is not bad. The sword spirit said in his mind: “It is indeed a good method; I don’t know when the Chen family got such an evolution game method.” , You don’t even know a word. “However, originally in Tianque, a long time ago, there was a beast-controlling sect, which had been extinct many thousands of years earlier…” Jian Ling’s next words finally hit the point: “The ancestor of the Chen family must not know how to get it. Let’s inherit a little… No wonder he died after running out of lifespan.” “How do you say that?” Chu Yang suddenly became interested. “The Beast Controlling Sect is the Tianque method. In Tianque, there is an endless aura of aura to support the man city; naturally there is no need to worry about Mozzartbet, but in Jiuchongtian, you can only rely on your own vitality that you have cultivated through hard work.” “These vitality.” , he can tame a few of them to use as mounts for himself, but he has done so many one after another… If he doesn’t die, who will die?” The sword spirit said disdainfully. “So… this

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