· “Chu Yang? Extraterrestrial Heavenly Demon Chu Yang Surebet247?” The Li family is of course well-informed. As soon as they heard this name, they immediately knew that this person was Chu’s genius doctor who caused a lot of trouble on the mainland, Chu Tianmo. “Chu Yang is real, but the demons from outside the territory may not be.” Slot Games Chu Yang smiled freely: “Dare to ask, who is hosting here?” “No matter who is hosting, take him down first!” A voice like gold Tie Jiao Ming, clang came. Several supreme beings bullied him, but Chu Yang did not resist. The next moment, his dantian was locked and the flow of Qi and blood was blocked. The several supremes also let go of their hearts and breathed a sigh of relief. Someone inside said, “Bring him in!” Then someone took Chu Yang and walked in. Although Chu Yang’s dantian was locked and his qi and blood were sealed, it did not hinder his normal actions. Still forebet walked in unhurriedly. Turning the corner, there is a snow-white betting tent. At this moment, three people filed out from the BGaming tent, with three pairs of eyes looking at Chu Yang like blades. “Tell me, the purpose of your coming!” Li Qinglei in the middle asked lightly. “I came here this time without any resistance, of course I came to cooperate with the Li family.” Chu Yang smiled lightly: “May I ask you?” Li Qinglei smiled strangely: “You don’t know who I am? You don’t know me?” Chu Yang shook his head in confusion. “But I recognize you!” Li Qinglei said sarcastically: “If the old man’s old eyes have not dimmed, the man in white who rescued Lang Yilang and others at the most critical moment that day was you, right?” real madrid Chu Yang Immediately startled: “Senior is really astute! It’s a pity that junior’s eyes are clumsy. I didn’t see where senior was at that time.”

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