Pro!: Please visit. or 3 “What’s wrong?” The other three also appear at the same time. These four people seem to be the same body, advance and retreat together, disappear together when they disappear, and appear together when they appear. “The Li family, it’s over.” Li Chunchang sighed long. “What do you mean by that? Leap” the other three showed shocked expressions. Li Chunbo smiled wryly, with a desolate expression: “Look at what kind of person the head of the Li family has become now… He has a deep mind and a strong city; the word “beautiful” is on the head, and the name shines on the eyes.” “The Li family has 1xBet It has deteriorated.” Li chOnline Casinoūn Bo said lightly: “There is no need to exist anymore!” Among the other three men in black, one of them said unwillingly: “Brother, this is your life’s painstaking effort, and it is also yours.” Descendants! It is the blood inheritance of the Li family.” “No.” Li Chunbo shook his head, and said sadly, “It’s not a casino slot anymore…” With flashscore behind his back, he walked slowly to where he was just now and sat down. With an expression of nostalgia, he said after a long time: “Back then, Uncle once said that passing this heart down is the inheritance!” The other three were in awe! The person who knows what he said is the previous Nine Tribulations Sword Master! But I also felt puzzled. Parimatch passed down his heart, which is the inheritance! Does this sentence mean… blood is not important? “Why do you need to be honest and diligent? How far is it to climb the stars?” Li Chunbo sighed: “Heroes all his life. Of course, what is passed down is the aura of awe-inspiring! If one day, this aura of awe-inspiring will deteriorate; it will become synonymous with despicableness… forebet At that time, this kind of blood inheritance, don’t worry about it.” “Because the inheritance has already

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