Latest Chapter,, Category: Science Fiction Author: Dark Blue Coconut Juice This chapter: In the cold desert, surrounded by silence. The effect of Eternal Night has been removed, and Marvin stands on the black dragon’s corpse with a dragon-slaying gun in his hand, still looking majestic. But he knew that the Weeping Sky was good against the black dragon Premier League, but not so sharp against the other ancient dragons. Sure enough, there was a shaking in the sky, and a petite green dragon descended slowly. “You’re very smart.” “Marvin? I’ve heard of your name. You seem to be very popular in Feinan recently.” “I hate Icarina very much, so I helped you out as a reward.” , are you giving me a favor and don’t rob me of the treasures of our dragon family?” Morgana and Marvin kept a certain distance, most green dragons are cunning and cautious, and Slot Games will not easily attack the strong. Marvin smiled: “You also said that you hate Spinmatic Icarina very much. Just now you stopped Betway from her, and you just helped yourself.” “Perhaps in your heart, Ikarina’s threat Far bigger than a human like me, isn’t it?” The green dragon showed its ferocious fangs: “If you have some self-knowledge, you should leave quickly.” “I am not a waste of the black dragon baccarat, my spells can easily tear you apart into pieces!” Marvin frowned slightly. The green dragon is indeed troublesome. Her own dragon’s breath is poisonous, and the ancient green dragon’s toxin spit, even Marvin’s current super high bet game resistance, may not be able to withstand it. What’s more, her dragon Pragmatic play spells are also varied. In a frontal battle, Ma Wen may not be able to win. He fixed his eyes on the ancient well beside him. Green Dragon’s reaction is also very fast. She snorted coldly. wing

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