Fengling Tianxia) happy days always go by extraordinarily fast. A month has passed in the blink of an eye! During the three days under the agitation of this wedding, we were completely wiped out! Become a monolithic Betway! The powerful sports betting alliance between Tianbinge, the major families and Anzhu is completely stable! At present, it is transforming into a huge and powerful fighting group! There are only five days left before Chu Yang’s three months. Taking advantage of this roulette time, Chu Yang quickly used all the resources on his body that could be used on his brothers. Only the sword spirit had not awakened, and the incomplete version of the Nine Layers Pill could not be refined, so he had to wait for it. Mr. Wei had a long talk with Chu Yang alone after the wedding, and left with an excited face after the talk. Said to go back and prepare. Ao Xieyun came to Chu Yang: “Actually, there were people from our Ao family in the last three days. But, I don’t know under the current situation…” Chu Yang smiled bitterly: “I have thought about this before. There are people in the last three days, and your Ao family, as the No. 1 NetEnt family in the three days, how can you not have contact with the last three days? However, the Jiujie and the nine families are sworn enemies at present; even if they have been in contact before, But… I’m afraid it’s not enough. I was afraid that you would be in trouble, so I didn’t ask at all.” Ao Xie Yun remained silent. What Chu Yang said is absolutely correct, the current situation is already like this. Even if Chu Yang and the others won’t deal with the Nine Great Families, the Nine Great Families will not let them go! Under such a major premise, no matter what kind of connection it was… almost can be ignored. After all, it’s not my own family! On this day, Chu Yang called his brothers together, including Gu Duxing and Mo Tianji. “I’m going back. At present, the passage to the Nine Heavens has not been opened, and only I

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