This is the peerless divine weapon that all swordsmen in Jiuchongtian dream of, the veritable number one divine weapon! Gu Duxing’s body trembled a little. His eyes were fixed on the tip of the sword, as if he saw the sharp and incomparable aura emanating from the cool and watery sword tip. This breath made Gu Duxing tremble with excitement. The Nine Tribulations Sword, also baccarat is the number one killer in casino Slot! It is the source of all disasters! But in the end, all disputes and disasters will end with this sword! Mo Tianji’s eyes were burning as he looked at the Parimatch Nine Tribulations Sword with a solemn expression on his face. Mo Tianji seldom has this kind of expression, usually he is holding the wisdom pearl in his hand and bet game Tianxia is sure in his hand. But today, his expression is extremely solemn and solemn! Because Mo Tianji knew that once this sword appeared, his position would be completely constant! From this moment on, countless masters will die under their own schemes! But if I don’t make a good calculation, I will let myself and all my brothers die without a place to bury them! Nine Tribulations Sword Master, the world is turned upside down! The Nine Tribulations Sword came out, and Zhixing opened the way! This is the legend about the Nine Tribulations Sword. When the Nine La Liga Tribulation Sword really appears, it is also the moment when the wise figures from the Nine Tribulations officially make their debut! It also means that the great cause of overturning the Nine Heavens is officially launched! Let’s start the war with the nine ruling families who have dominated Nairabet for three days and 10,000 years! From today, there is no retreat! There are only two results: the first result, with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and his brothers, to overthrow the Nine Heavens! The second result is that the body dies, the dao disappears, the family is wiped out, and there is no redemption! Mo Tianji looked at the sword, and the Nine Tribulations Sword shone coldly. It seems that Online Casino is also blinking at him; Paripesa Mo Tianji

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