“What… what’s going on here?” Tie Butian felt his body getting hotter and hotter, his meridians were gradually widening, and his dantian was also gradually expanding… His cultivation base was overwhelming The speed surge! This speed almost frightened Tie Butian! She felt that her meridians were quickly filled, swollen, and…but, she didn’t feel any discomfort, it was just hot! This is very strange for BetWinner. Slot Games’ general medicine that can betting to increase cultivation can have such a heaven-defying effect, how can it be without corresponding pain? You must know that the widening of the meridians and the influence of the dantian are accompanied by labor pains—Spinmatic-like pains! However, this wine did not have such a reaction at all! “What kind of wine is this forebet?” Tie Butian was extremely surprised. “This wine originally had another name, but after it was in my Endorphina’s hands, I gave it a name.” Chu Yang smiled and said, “It’s called, smelly wine!” “Smelly wine!” Alcohol?” Tie Butian wiped his body in a hurry; but once the body dirt started to flow out of Nairabet, the speed was extremely fast, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. “Yeah, look, after drinking this little bit of wine, my sweetie has turned into a little stinky.” Chu Yang laughed, and exaggeratedly covered his nose: “Wow, you stink… “Tie Butian was full of embarrassment and anger, and gave a loud baw. She was born clean and never saw herself dirty. This was the first time that she was in a situation like today. I couldn’t help being confused for a while: “Chu Yang, what… what should I do about this? How can I stop it?” Chu Yang laughed: “Why do you want to stop it?” “People have been eating whole grains since they were born long

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