I saw Lan Ruo pondering for a moment, frowning: “Paripesa is good, although it is good… But, why is there a la liga tunnel down there? And the tunnels are not live betting, they are all dead tunnels, and there are beds in the tunnels… It seems that it is only a temporary refuge? From this point of view, the King of Hell of Chu and Mr. Gu, who is in the middle three days, are not very clever..(.) Honestly, “No. Now I can’t get in touch with the family at all. “The two old men nodded heavily. It’s unlucky for LiveScore. They are so open and honest that they are a little obsessed with betting the game. The old man was taken aback. He hurriedly dissuaded him: “My lord, it’s better not to think about it. . We come down this time. It is to make good friends with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master; and this Emperor, is very likely to be the Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s person; if… I am afraid that not only can’t be friends, but become hatred for taking his wife… then it is true broken. “Lan Ruo smiled casually, and said: “I’m just talking… Besides, it’s really not certain whether she is a member of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master; if one day it proves that she is not…then I must take a look . “The two old men behind were speechless at the same time. But after thinking about it: If Tie Butian is really not a member of the Sword Master of the Nine Tribulations, then…the eldest son can take a look at it or bring it into the room, it seems…it’s okay.” After all, His majesty the emperor became my concubine and let me do whatever I want… This kind of thing. But any man’s blood boils when he thinks about it. “Lan Ruo said jokingly. The two old men smiled wryly; although Lan Ruo’s tone sounded like a joke, judging by the twinkle in Lan Ruo’s eyes… these words are not just a joke.

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