Unexpectedly, there was no sound of children playing, but very quiet. The court lady came out lightly: “The prince is asleep.” Chu Yang was stunned: “So regular?” You must know that it was only noon at this time, and the sun was still directly above the head, and there was no deviation; This kind of life is very regular, self-discipline is very strict, and people who have developed a habit of taking a nap can take a nap at this time. “Xiao Yangyang has always slept very regularly.” Tie Butian smiled proudly: “Brother Chu, do you know? This child has almost never wet the bed since he was a child; it’s very worry-free. Parimatch will eat when it’s time to eat.” Eat, sleep when it’s time to sleep; very quiet, very smart, very good child.” Tie Butian’s face was full of undisguised pride. “Uh…” Chu Yang scratched his scalp: “I’ll go in and have a look.” “What are you looking at while asleep?” Tie Butian was a little unhappy: “It’s still a long time, what if you wake him up?” Chu Yang chuckled, “I’ll just take a look.” Under Tie Butian’s extreme reluctance, Chu Yang walked in lightly, as if he were a thief. On the big bed in the middle, a small figure was sleeping soundly, covered with a thin quilt, with both hands meticulously placed in the quilt, the small body seemed very quiet and steady, unexpectedly there was a kind of tranquility feeling. A child’s unique milky fragrance hits the face. Chu Yang’s affiliate leaned over, and saw that the child had a regular complexion and delicate skin; a small mouth, ruddy, a straight nose, and his eyes were slightly closed. It seems that Liverpool’s eyelashes are longer, like two small fans of LiveScore on the eyelids.

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