Text Chu Yang stood quietly at the foot of the mountain. The boundless snow covered the entire sky, and it seemed that he was the only one left in the vast world. He stood on the top of the hill, looking at the opposite hill from afar. Been standing here all night. Little shuomi22Bet stood here motionless, no one knew what was going on in his heart. Facing Slot Games, it is the Fenglei affiliate platform. The fifth section of the Nine Tribulations Sword is here. In Chu Yang’s previous life, it was also here that he had hatred. Here, with my painstaking effort, myriad calamities will be destroyed. Go back in time and start everything from scratch. But here, it was also his most painful dream. Here, he suffered the worst betrayal in his life. The best friend of his life, Mo Tianji, is here, for the sake of his sister, to kill himself. That trap, for me, was seamless. That was the first time that Chu Yang personally experienced the power of Mo Tianji’s calculations, and it was also the last time. It wasn’t until he was reborn that Chu Yang truly understood that the reason why Mo Tianji intercepted and killed him was for his sister, Mo Qingwu! light dance. Standing in the snow all over the sky, Chu Yang seemed to see the Qingwu real madrid from his previous life again. Dressed in red, she danced lightly in the heavy snow that fell from the sky to the ground. Endorphina’s eyes are sad and her face is beautiful. “Chu Yang, in this life, I only dance for you alone.” It was the first time Qing Wu danced for herself. Yiwu Betking is drunk. Dance for the king in this life, dance for the king for life, the heart will not change for a thousand times, and the death will not be bitter. Life is not a light dance, a dance is a life of suffering. That’s why my name is Mo Qingwu. I don’t dance lightly, but once I dance, it’s my life. Chu Yang, if there is an afterlife, if you can meet you in the next life, I hope you will take a good look at me, I am more beautiful than Jian. Chu

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