After Chu Yang said rumble loudly, he immediately said something to Rui Butong and Slot Games Dong Wushang by means of sound transmission. Immediately, the ground above the head finally fell down with a loud crash. At the moment they fell, the three of them stopped at the same time, and then they suddenly lay down on the back, kicked their feet fiercely, the sword light was shining, Chu Yang was in front, and even jumped back directly behind Betway! With a slight sound, Chu Yang had already slipped out. This time period of Paripesa was well managed by him. The moment they got back was the moment when there was a “swoosh” above their heads, and the supreme beings flew over. Rui Butong and Dong Wushang came out like lightning. Chu Yang didn’t hesitate even more. With a swirl of the sword tip, a hole was drilled in the ground a few feet away from the hole in the sky amidst the dust and smoke, and he drilled back in the original direction of Betway. ! , Dong Wushang and Rui Butong didn’t understand, and followed closely behind. As soon as he got in, the ground that had been spinning up quietly fell down, and the seams were tightly blocked. The three of them held their breath, and used the most ingenious technique to pat the soil down to both sides of the ground, and swished forward. Although the speed was many times slower, there was no sound at all. There was a loud bang from above, and the whole wasteland shook us. The huge ground hit the ground, and the green grass in the four fields was shaken so that even the roots flew off the ground. The people above flew past, but suddenly realized that they couldn’t see the shadow of the enemy. One person shouted: “We have been tricked! They said they were going forward, but they were actually going backwards! Then everyone was filled with anger. Frustrated, I quickly went back to check, but saw the livescore at the root of the betting in a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland. There was actually a big hole where the sword light drilled out of Betting.

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