Previous article: Moreover, from the words of Qin Baoshan and Sha Xinliang, it can be heard that the law enforcement headquarters is extremely dissatisfied with the southeast law enforcement officers. Among the southeast law enforcement officers, Nairabet is especially dissatisfied with the Pingshaling branch. The two are very likely to be transferred back, and they already have this intention. Moreover, Han Xiaoran, the chief law enforcement officer of the Southeast, will also be transferred from sports betting in a short period of time. Later, Sha Xinliang said to Chu Yang with a heavy heart in betting: “Little man city brother, we two are here, and your Chu family has nothing to do; some time ago, someone from the Xiao family came to BGaming to trouble the Chu family, and we also used law enforcement to make trouble for the Chu family.” However, if we leave… Hey, please tell Mr. Chu, Chu’s Paripesa…Be careful in the future.” After a meal, Qin Baoshan and Sha Xinliang were both drunk, not Provincial personnel. Chu Yang sent the two of them back, and sat in the Betting branch for a long time before returning to the Chu family. Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan are not very good people, but… what flashscore said today, revealing baccarat’s sincerity, really warmed Chu Yang’s heart and moved him. Chu Yang was not worried at all about the fact that the law enforcers were going to be replaced to clean up the Chu family, or that the Xiao family was going to make trouble. There is Wujuecheng Fengyue here… This is already a veritable world. An article on Parimatch: What you are reading is a classic novel that provides you with Xinfeng’s work

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