The upgrade and revision is successful, please support the book friends, and if you find any BUG, ​​please inform us in time, so that we can correct it in time, if you need text chapters, please let us know, we will try our best to give texts to popular books in live betting, of course, because there are many Endorphina books in livescore, completely The workload is too much, please forgive me if I don’t have any. Wu Juecheng was stunned! He really didn’t think about this matter, even if it was just a hypothesis, he felt that this was a great blasphemy against himself and his brother! The brotherhood of the past is not mixed with any impurities! Each other can fight mountains and fires for each other! If you want my head, take it! Wu Juecheng had thought of this before, and he would indeed do so. The brothers back then, no matter who they were, if they encountered a catastrophe that had to die: as long as I was with them, I would die without hesitation! Everyone is like this! Every brother in bet game has done this without hesitation, countless times! Therefore, Wu Juecheng Liverpool never doubted his own brother! Because of this, he was so sad and angry when he was betrayed by Roulette and his boss… He stayed here for tens of thousands of years just to destroy the Forebet Nine Tribulations Sword Master! At all costs, to avenge the brothers! However, today she was awakened by Yue Lingxue’s words! Before your boss betrayed you, did you doubt him? Do you trust him like you trust your other brothers now? Moreover, there is a word ‘more’ in front of it! Regardless of any group, the boss, baccarat is the core! If the boss doesn’t pay, no one else will either! The contribution of the boss is always several times that of others! In this way, NetEnt is an admirable boss who can be followed wholeheartedly in the champions league and will support to the death! Wu Jue Cheng Xin

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