Other popular,,,,,,,,,,,, “In the realm of nightmares, there are two things that attract the most attention from five-color dragons. Phoenix\/Huang\/updates soon, no pop-up windows, please search for f/h/x /s/c/o/m” While closely monitoring the actions of the colorful dragons on the edge of the ruins, the professor continued to tell Marvin: “First, the crystal statue of Hartson.” “Second, Rainbow Spring.” Hart Sen’s crystal statue is said to be an artifact made by Hartson, the five-color dragon god, before his fall. The function of this artifact is very special. The holder of the artifact can command the entire five-color dragon Mozzartbet in Feinan—at least three chances. flashscore is a very scary ability. You know, a giant dragon has the ability to attack cities and land, and a group of giant dragons can even destroy some gods with medium power. As for the entire five-color dragon group, Feinan conservatively estimated that the livescore exceeded forty. In fact, the number would have been even higher if Marvin hadn’t slaughtered a few of the least number of black dragons and a red dragon that Earl used as a scapegoat to divert attention. These dragons are not summoned creatures like roulette shadow dragons, but real giant dragons! Although the five-color dragon, like the metal dragon, belongs to the mid-level giant dragon, there is some gap between the legendary iridescent dragon, the time dragon and the Paripesa, but it is already a very powerful force. An adult Endorphina five-color dragon is equivalent to an ordinary legendary team of other races. And the powerful affiliates among the giant dragons, such as the ancient red dragon Earl, are existences at the level of Betking second only to the Great Elf King, and there are not many people in the entire plane who are his opponents. once hartson’s crystal is found

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