Previous article: (Jingshuba keeps updating books 24 hours a day! The chapter you are browsing here is: The latest update of the Yedimo Evolution game silently calculated, and said: Slot Games “Barely, there are still Six times.” “Okay!” Fa Zun said: “The injured people hurry up to recover, and if there is medicine, hurry up and take medicine. Now, other families will take the lead first. After a round of rotation, they will come to your Ye family to take action!” Ye Di said heavily Nodding. Next, the starlight and lightning in the sky kept appearing, and Zixieqing also continued to deal with it one by one; other than that, there was no other way. Because this big formation actually blocked popularity and secrets, what BetWinner? They couldn’t detect them all; they could only fight passively! But Zi Xieqing changed his form, from wandering around at the beginning to standing quietly on a high place, letting the lightning strike him down. Then he fought back with a palm !As the lightning became more and more frequent, Zi Xieqing finally showed signs of fatigue, as if he had been seriously injured. When he caught the lightning, his body receded more and more, shaking a little violently… It seems that, I can’t catch it…Yedi, Mozzatbet Fazun and others are secretly happy about Slot Games Leap, no matter how good you are, no matter how powerful you are; What I don’t know is that Zi Xieqing is also happy in her heart. This kind of attack strength is not small, and it is indeed a lot of wear and tear to block it every time. But Zi Xieqing’s cultivation base is endless. The current fatigue is only due to her After suffering more than 30 times of lightning, it was only pretended. If it is really based on cultivation, at least it can withstand such a heavy blow for more than a hundred times, Zi Xieqing feels very confident. When premier league of course,

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