Fengling Tianxia’s works Collect good books, publish originals Welcome to originals I don’t know what power is supporting the two of them, they actually rushed to Ling Hanwu’s side! Facing the forest of swords, Ye Chuchen stepped forward to meet the sword, “Don’t bother us, let’s talk to him!” Ye Chuchen’s voice was choked, his body trembling, and he said word by word , In her eyes, there seemed to be a crazy flame burning blazingly. [ ] Her voice is firm and unyielding. But it reveals a strange indifference. One kind, the indifference of the heart as dead ashes. Ye Di’s gloomy voice said lightly: “Let them pass!” He sighed softly: “For 22Bet Ling Fengyun’s sake, let you talk last.” But before his words, Meng Chaoran had already He rushed over without hesitation, and hugged Ling Han livescore dance. Ling Hanwu’s sanity had already begun to scatter. His pupils have begun to dilate. A blow from a third-rank Supreme is far from what he, a seventh-rank saint, can bear! But at the moment when BGaming saw Meng Chaoran, his eyes suddenly and miraculously focused, his eyes showed anxiety, and he roared: “What do I do? Still not leaving?” He was roaring! But the voice is pitifully small. “I’ll see you off first.” Meng Chaoran inhaled deeply and exhaled lightly, lest he would disturb his brother, lest he might use too much force and take away his brother’s last vitality: “I’ll see you off… Han Wu , today, we are going to go together…” Ling Hanwu anxiously wanted to turn her head, but she couldn’t. She could only slowly roll her eyes, and cursed angrily: “You bastard idiot… early morning What about… What about Chuchen? We are all dead, what should she do?

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