At the moment of the Fifth Parimatch’s “Smiling Proudly”, the time freezes! Only the eight elixirs of Liverpool fell from Chu Yang’s hand to the iron plate, chelsa, and turned crystal clear. Read h-u-n mixed with me *h-u-n Please keep in mind that there are a total of thirty elixirs in the plate, which are perfectly round at every moment, and there is still a faint layer of elixir outside. There are all kinds of colors and all kinds of strong flavors. Everyone was stunned watching this scene. No one thought that bet game Chu Yangjuman city would really accomplish such an unbelievable and completely impossible thing! “He… really… finished it!” The second priest and the chief priest glanced at each other, and they both saw the unbelief in each other’s eyes! Those present are all sensible people, which one is not an expert? How can you not know that such difficulty is really as difficult as reaching the sky? Eight kinds of medicines are paired against each other; refining one furnace alone already requires precise control and rich experience in refining medicine! If you are not careful, it will fry the furnace! If two kinds are practiced at the same time, even the big priest is only half sure. As for the three kinds of practice at the same time, the big priest has never even dared to think about it. But Chu Yang actually refined four kinds at the same time! Nothing messed up! Just by looking at the color, halo, roundness, and taste of the pill…you can see that the Spinmatic came out! Simultaneously refine eight kinds of contradictory medicines, and refine different pills betting, in one medicine furnace… 1xBet… This is simply a magical skill! The members of the seven major families were all in mourning. Can’t blame everyone for being frustrated. These people, including the other three physicians of the Law Enforcement Officer, have already experienced the Ten Thousand Medicines Ceremony, and coming to Betway this time is equivalent to being familiar with the road. need to be able to do this

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