Wan Jie and Wei Wuyan have fought for half their lives, and have killed dozens of times, but they cherish each other, Wei Wuyan’s mood, Wan Jie empathizes with each other. Wei Wuyan wanted to take revenge, but Wanjie had already decided to help him fulfill his wish. They are all the same age, Wanjie la liga deeply understands Wei Wuyan’s intentions. Chu Yang was startled, and said, “That’s fine.” He knew that Wanjie was saying goodbye to him by saying this. The three of them came to help him, and Chu Yang was grateful in his heart. But it can also be seen that the three champions league members are really uncomfortable in front of Zi Xieqing, Bu Liuqing, Nairabet, and Fengyue. They are no worse than Dong Wushang and the others, and Dong Wushang and the others’ cultivation levels are not considered low, but they are still young. But the three of Wanjie are already quite old, and they want to let go of their figures, but they still can’t let go. I was too embarrassed to ask for advice, and as time passed, I became more and more awkward, so I wanted to leave. “However, if Roulette is free, the three elder brothers must remember to come and see the younger brother.” Chu Yang said seriously. “That’s for sure.” With deep emotion in Wanjie’s eyes, he said in a deep voice, “Brother… If you are well, maybe we will see each other once in a lifetime… But if you are in trouble, brothers will be desperate , will come to accompany you!” He saw the worry in Chu Yang’s eyes, patted Chu Yang’s shoulder, and said with a smile: “We are all old loaches in the river and lake, so you don’t have to worry about us. If you only In order to save his life, even Paripesa, a person like Bu Zhizun, would have a hard time finding us. Haha…” Chu Yang forced a smile, took out four incomplete Nine Layer Pills from his bosom, and handed them over. whispered: “If

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