Fengling Tianxia) Chu Yang was still asleep, dreaming that he was being beaten, touching his buttocks and screaming for pain; but he was awakened by the sound of salutes. Yigulu live betting got up, and muttered: “This young master made a strong appearance for the first time in the past three days, and he actually made such a big noise…” Putting on his clothes neatly, Betking went to the yard with an ice-cold After washing his face with warm water, he looked at the cloudy sky, and it seemed that it was going to snow. He couldn’t help muttering: “It’s rare for me to be arrogant, and God will also celebrate with the snow.” The curtain was lifted, and Zi Xieqing came out, cursing: “Pig! Snoring all night makes the house tremble.” Chu Yang raised his face: “Sister Zi, your image today is that of a Pragmatic Play senior, so be careful when you speak.” Zi Xieqing slanted Paripesa and said, “Don’t you do morning exercises?” Chu Yang cried and mourned: “Sister, I want to be arrogant today, so please don’t disfigure me.” Zi Xieqing chuckled, “Okay, Bet9ja will spare you today.” He left victorious. Chu Yang murmured a few curses and continued to wash his face. The gate of Lanxiang Garden opened, and a little girl in Betting’s snow-white sable fur, Chu Le’er, came out first. Chu Le’er’s exquisite little face was hidden in the long down of the sable fur, and a pair of black eyes rolled cunningly, she was indescribably cute and eccentric. Immediately, Chu Yuzuo came out neatly. Dressed in black, tall and tall, with a face like a jade crown, eyes like bright stars, her hair combed meticulously, and an amethyst hair crown neatly worn on her head, her face looks like jade, and she is extremely handsome! Walking out step by step, with a straight back, a proud expression, a long sword hanging from his waist, and a hand on the hilt, his eyes are staring at him.

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