VIP Juanbu sneered mercilessly, and mocked: “People like you will never understand such feelings!” Fa Zun laughed dumbfounded, his eyes revealed deep memories, shook his head, and sighed: “If I didn’t A person with a good temper will not become one of the nine catastrophes… Hehe…” He laughed at Betting with a self-deprecating smile, and said: “But that is a long time away… I am no longer the current me!” Muttering—1—”Bu Zhuizhui… Lian Yiyi…” He kept muttering the name, and the pain between his brows appeared again and again, and he seemed to be enjoying this kind of pain. pain. Finally he let out a long sigh: “Finally tasted this kind of taste again…” He sighed sadly: “I used to… I used to remember it deeply…” Then he finally stopped reading, shook his head, as if he had waved away this feeling. Inexplicable NetEnt’s emotions, he laughed dumbfounded, and said: “So that’s it! So that’s it! I searched his memory, and I always felt that something was missing, but I had no clue. Only three words occupy a lot of memory Parimatch storage, that is Bu Zhuizhui, Msports, I searched all the top players in the Premier League continent, but I couldn’t find out who this Bu Zhuizhui is. Unexpectedly, today you Slot Games jumped out to live betting! Bu Zhuizhui, hehehe…a good name “You finally admitted it!” Bu Liuqing raised his head to the sky and screamed, two lines of hot tears rolled down his eyes that were always cold and ruthless. He stood like this, looking up to the sky and roaring loudly. In the sound, there was endless desolation, desolation and extreme grief, but he couldn’t hide it at all! When people hear it, they can’t help but want to cry! this moment, feel

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