Everyone on both sides of the battle at Yunxuan Pavilion gritted their teeth, all of them had ferocious faces, and shouted fiercely, you will die! In this battle, neither side wanted to have long nights and dreams, so it reached a fever pitch from the very beginning! In an instant, Pingcui Lake was already shaking! The forebets collided continuously with a rumbling rumble of strong energy, and the aroused energy scattered. The lake water of Pingcui Lake was aroused, rushing to a height of hundreds of feet, and then being crushed by Slot Games, hitting the ground hard, and scattered out of the lake shore; The house jumped up almost like an earthquake, and then fell heavily. Such a sturdy house is like dancing disco. The baccarat is just a contact, and both sides have already been injured! Everyone’s eyes were red from the beginning. The members of the Lan family wanted to rescue Wu Qianqian earlier, and then blame the Ye family by the way, so that Venerable Fengyue could trouble them. Then the Lan family managed their own business smoothly and made their own fortune. It is undeniable that even if Emperor Ye was here, facing Venerable Fengyue’s fury, he could only retreat and run away. As long as the Ye family, the most competitive family, withdraws, the affairs of the Lan family will be more than 80% complete! As for this matter, the ancestors didn’t know how long chelsa could hold Venerable Fengyue. Once Fengyue suddenly came ahead of time, if they caught him, and the people of the Ye family had a chance to explain, it would be a bad idea. So everyone was desperate when they came up. As for Ye’s side, they were wronged by the champions league, depressed, and driven by the opponent’s desperate efforts, so BetWinner resisted desperately. Paripesa, no matter what, hold on

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