Other hot spots,,,,,,,,,,, If it weren’t for the last requirement stated on the letter paper, Marvin would have almost believed that the Migratory Bird Council really made such a judgment on the Endless Ocean. Now it seems that there are still some articles to do. In Marvin’s impression of the Premier League, the Migratory Bird Council is an organization composed of a group of rigid but fairly righteous Archdruids called Spinmatic. Especially their leader, the speaker, the old tree man, is said to be the creature closest to the ancient god of nature, and is very wise. It seems that the farce of the Migratory Bird Council is more like an excuse for the old tree man to meet Marvin. It’s just BetWinner, what exactly does the High Jungle want Marvin to do? Marvin didn’t want to understand this, but he must take care of the Bet9ja Endless Ocean. Let’s not mention Constantine in the man city. If it wasn’t for the endless ocean la liga breaking with the migratory bird council poker and stealing the four totem pillars, he would not have been able to kill Mingfeng so many times, and the last kill would be out of the question. get up. So this trip to the highest jungle, he must go. But before he left, he still had a lot of things to deal with. In today’s Baihe Valley, the biggest hidden danger is the lack of high-end armed forces. O’Brien and the others were all in the Highest Forest. Once Marvin left, there would be almost no legends other than Madeline. This Pragmatic play made Ma Leapwen very troublesome. But the good news came quickly. After the cataclysm, Prince Aragorn, who has been near Swordport, seems to have entered a special state, and may be promoted to legend at any time. And the mechanical titan also stays on the banks of the White River, the ancient goblin brothers are on standby at any time, this mechanical titan is more powerful than the ordinary legend

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