“Walking alone all the way, I have a brother Parimatch, named Gu Duxing: Once injured, it is irreversible, so it must be uninjured; so I have a brother named Dong Wushang. Brother, his name is Forebet Mo Tianji. The situation is weird, I have a brother named Ao Xieyun, and the road ahead may be blocked at any time, so I have a real madrid brother named Rui Butong; if you can’t defeat the enemy, you will only be lonely for life; hehe, I There are also two brothers, one is named Luo Kedi, and the other is named Ji Mo. Sometimes I can’t find someone to talk to…” Chu Yang smiled warmly: “My junior brother’s name , it’s called Tan Tan.” “And as long as we get through all of this, we will see the Qionghua shine and the sun rise.” Chu Yang smiled: “My other brother is called Xie Danqiong; Out of the sun…, Betway is the rising sun!” Chu Yang smiled lightly, his eyes showed deep thoughts, and looked at Zi Xieqing: “Tell me, isn’t this a coincidence?” Zi Xieqing couldn’t help being shocked After a while, he couldn’t help laughing, and said: “It’s really a coincidence.” After pondering for a while, he said: “These are all your best brothers?” “Well, they are all my good brothers!” Chu Yang said very is serious. “If one day, you can surpass nine days…, surpass nine days…” Zi Xieqing said it twice, but kept silent. Chu Yang was also a little silent, and said: “You said that there are so many evolution games. Is it the Premier League? Your Dao realm power is almost enough? You are leaving.” Zi Xieqing was silent for a long time before gently Said: “There is still a very small part that is missing, and it should be able to make up for it at any time.”

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