When Chen Xiang heard that the sent minister belonged to the Online Casino of the Hundred Flowers Temple camp, he was quite happy at first, but when he thought about it carefully, he still felt that Parimatch was very worried, and this matter must not be that simple. “After all, the third-rank ministers of the Three Sacred Sect are dead, so it seems too calm now?” Chen Xiang has also learned about the structure of the dynasty of the Taichu Heaven and Earth these days, and the rank of the third-rank ministers is not low. Although the mountains are high here and the emperor is far away, and the local Sansheng sect forces in the Holy City of Jinniu want to go alone or something Spinmatic, but after a third-rank saint minister dies here, there will definitely be various forces in the palace making a big fuss, and then using it to attack other side. That is to say, after the result of the battle in the palace, it will soon affect the Holy City of Taurus. So this matter is not as optimistic as Palace Mistress Xiaoqing thinks, and she won’t be able to fool betting so easily. Chen Xiang thought carefully for a moment, and said seriously: “Xiao Qing, even if Betking is the holy minister sent by the Hundred Flowers Temple, we have to be careful. It is very likely that the Hundred Flowers Temple will control the situation…or when necessary, Sacrifice you.” Palace Master Xiaoqing didn’t think so, and said with a smile: “Brother, how is this possible for live betting? The Temple of Hundred Flowers and the Empress are of the same heart! And our Taichu Xuegong Palace is on the side of the Empress, and the Temple of Hundred Flowers will definitely face us ” Chen Xiang shook his rumble head and said: “Xiaoqing, you don’t understand! If the struggle in the palace is very fierce, and you kill the third-rank minister of the Three Saints Sect Mozzartbet, it will put the Queen and the Hundred Flowers Temple at a disadvantage, so they weighed Afterwards, they may choose to sacrifice you, or even sacrifice the entire Golden Bull Holy City, and give everything here to the Three Sages.” Chen Xiang is very clear about the meaning of the Taichu Academy in the Golden Bull Holy City, as long as Surebet247 grasps

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