Chen Xiang is very satisfied with the current Absolute Beginning Heaven and Earth. If the Slot Games continue to operate like this without any troubles, Absolute Beginning Heaven and Earth can be said to be perfect. So Chen Xiang is very cautious now, he doesn’t dare to mess around with the betway, he is worried that the bet game will cause great damage to the avenue order of the aboriginal world. Sister Xiaojing said: “Brother, logically speaking, if you can do it and it won’t cause any punishment from heaven, then it should be fine. You created a large number of primordial dao souls, just for the Holy Spirit of Purgatory. It’s just a girl group, and they won’t sell it.” Chen Xiang sighed: “I still don’t want to mess around, so as not to destroy the balance of the world in the early days.” Sister Xiaojing smiled and said: “You are only using Endorphina in a small range, and there is no It won’t cause any damage. Think about the Champions League, how many creatures are there in the Absolute Heaven and Earth? And you just created more than a thousand Absolute Dao Souls, it’s not worth mentioning at all.” Chen Xiang still wanted to try to create it in his heart, because It was driven by curiosity, he just wanted to try. Nairabet Chen Xiang who was talking with Xiaojing’s younger sister was very serious, while Shui Xianying had already swam over and leaned beside him, and the same was true for Shui Shengxiang, hugging him gently by his side. “Brother Shen, I don’t know if we can gain a foothold in this place after hearing what you said about the Absolute Beginning Heaven and Earth.” Shui Shengxiang was also a little anxious at the moment, because in the Absolute Beginning Heaven and Earth, they and Chen Xiang were very different. Chen Xiang came back to his senses, and smiled lightly: “Don’t worry, as long as we practice hard, we will definitely have a place in the Heaven and Earth of Absolute Beginning.” After soaking in the bath, Shui Shengxiang and Shui Xianying returned to the Immortal War Profound Demon Tower. As for Chen Xiang, he began to think about how to create the Dao Soul of Absolute Beginning. see water saint

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