The stars were flying upwards quickly, and for some reason, Chen Xiang felt very uncomfortable inside the stars, and was under tremendous pressure. If he continued, his body would definitely be crushed by that terrifying pressure. “Brother, run!” Sister Xiaojing suddenly shouted: “This star is too scary, it’s very fast, and it also produces a very terrifying pressure to resist the suction of the earth.” “Why is it like this?” Chen Xiang took Out of the magic mirror of six paths. “You are still under the suction of the earth, but the stars are crazily getting rid of the premier league, you are unable to resist the suction of the earth in the stars, then you will definitely be pulled by two forces.” Sister Xiaojing said: “You leave quickly! “Chen Xiang immediately passed the Magic Mirror of Six Paths, and left the star with difficulty. After leaving, in the blink of an eye, the star flew far, far away, and he could only see a little bit of starlight. This speed is really terrifying to the extreme. Under the protection of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, he was falling rapidly. The entire land of Tiangu Purgatory has just been formed, producing a very huge suction force, which requires a lot of energy to fly. At this moment, the Divine Mirror of Six Paths also consumes a lot of star core energy, in order to force him to help Chen Xiang maintain a slow fall. “Brother Betking, the changes in the ancient purgatory have been turned upside down! From now on, there is only one piece of land under time!” Sister Xiaojing said. Tiangu Purgatory was originally a fusion of multiple spaces and time and space, and finally became so big. Now there is land, which is indeed the only land under time. “rumble, I understand that even with a powerful time force, it is impossible to bring such a large piece of land in another time and space!

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