“How did the Temple of Heaven and Man run so far? It just left the Flame Domain!” Chen Xiang couldn’t understand this. “It’s normal. The Temple of Heaven and Man originally came from other time and space. They should have this kind of power, but Msports may be because their Leaps have controlled the deep meaning of time, so they can affect space through time and carry out long-distance space. Shuttle.” The little mirror girl la liga is also researching this aspect, she has a good grasp of space, but her understanding of the mysteries of time is not enough, so the two cannot combine to produce the most powerful force. “Will they run back?” Chen Xiang looked at the place where the Temple of Heaven and Man disappeared, and asked. “Yes, they will definitely come back. If there are no other problems with Tianguxing, they will definitely keep an eye on Tianguxing.” Sister Xiaojing said. When the Temple of Heaven and Man returns, it will definitely be stronger. Sister Xiaojing said: “Brother, let’s look for the Temple of Time, those guys must have taken action.” “Can you find it? You don’t seem to have marked them!” Chen Xiang said. Sister Xiaojing really didn’t mark it, so she wasn’t sure. Now she can only release the space wave to cover the entire flame domain, and then see if there are a large number of palaces floating in the void of the flame domain. In this way, a lot of energy is consumed, and the energy comes from those star cores. Although they have tens of thousands of star cores, if they continue to use them, they will gradually run out. “Mirror Sister Parimatch, can we collect stars to supplement our consumption like the Heavenly God Champions League Hall?” Chen Xiang asked: “I always feel that our star cores are not enough!” “Enough for us to use for a long time It’s time for the premier league, after all it’s just

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