Seeing that Chen Xiang was so strong, the elders of the Star Spirit Clan knew that Chen Xiang would definitely not back down. “For such an important matter, we Protoss must think long-term. Please give us seven days. After seven days, we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.” The clan elder said. “I won’t give you time, you can make a decision for me now! If you want to discuss it, get out of Tiangu Planet and discuss it, and wait for you to discuss it!” How could Chen Xiang fail to see the plan of the Star Spirit Clan? Just to delay the time, and then wait for the Temple of Heaven and Man to come over! Now Nairabet has seen through the protoss. The protoss are very strong, but they will not start wars at will, nor will they take the initiative to engage in large-scale battles. The Protoss clan’s method is to rely on powerful forces, cooperate with powerful forces, and then gain opportunities for development and growth from them, and then control the opponent at the right time to become the leader in the alliance. Champions League Even if the Protoss clan admits it now, they will definitely wait until they find an opportunity in the future before attacking Chen Xiang. The protoss said before that they wanted to destroy the Temple of Time, probably because the real madrid was opposed to the Temple of Time. “We betting really need Premier League time to discuss!” The clan elder smiled bitterly: “We may have misunderstood before, but we have absolutely no malicious intentions. Please seize the opportunity of our cooperation.” “If you don’t leave, then I’ll help you get out!” Chen Xiang’s attitude was very resolute. “Mr. Shen, we are willing to cooperate fairly with you!” The clan elders of the Star Spirit Clan found that they couldn’t negotiate terms with Chen Xiang at all, because Chen Xiang was not afraid of them. The protoss also don’t want to have a conflict with rumble Chen Xiang, because once they fight, even if they can win Chen Xiang

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