Chen Xiang immediately retreated to a relatively empty area in the distance, there was no round star core there, so there were no black scales. The sect disciples led by the Three Overlords are already fighting with a large number of black-scaled people! In the distance, there were bursts of violent explosions, as well as the storm generated by the outbreak of the war! The three overlords didn’t fight, but there were many strong people fighting, and Chen Xiang could sense the collision of multiple extremely strong auras. “What’s going on here? Why did they start fighting all of a sudden?” Chen Xiang was shocked, looking at the black cracks in the sky. After the black crack dropped a large number of black scales, it didn’t take long before it gradually healed. The number of black-scaled people is very large, Chen Xiang estimates that there are at least tens of millions! And the disciples of the three overlords, Slot Games, can only be hundreds of thousands at most. Fortunately, they are all strong, and they are experienced in fighting. The Three Overlords also suffered a lot of casualties. What surprised Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing’s sister was that after those disciples died, their corpses would be completely absorbed by the earth here, leaving no flesh and blood behind. . “Brother, those black-scaled people should be from poor writing, Nairabet, through mistakes, missing words, chapters, missing, confusing, repeated chapters, broken, owed, reminded, and bad information. Reporting opinions, livescore and suggestions have cached all chapters for you, download the APP to view

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