“Actually, the final destination of us star spirits will all die on the second floor!” Lingxu sighed: “I thought I was dead before, but I didn’t expect to be reborn on the second floor!” “The second floor is very dangerous Is it? Then Pragmatic Play should go to the second floor, right? Just stay on the first floor for a flashscore!” Chen Xiang said. “No, we can’t leave the second floor for too long! The core space we are in now is actually between the first and second floors! It is not easy to create this kind of space, because Master, you Because of this, I made the roulette by mistake!” Lingxu said. “Oh? So, wouldn’t this place be your refuge? That’s pretty good!” Chen Xiang laughed. “Yes, because of the particularity of this place, many protoss gather here! But it is definitely not an option to continue like this!” Lingxu shook his head and sighed: “If it takes a long time, we will be found hiding here. They will definitely try their best to capture us!” Chen Xiang was sure that the living environment of the Protoss clan on the second floor was extremely harsh, so they wanted to hide here. “Lingxu, can you tell me why you are so dangerous on the second floor?” Chen Xiang asked. “Let’s put it this way! When you reach a certain level of cultivation, you need to fuse a protoss! Then get special abilities from the protoss!” Lingxu Msports said: “The special ability I master is alchemy. They have There is no way to know my Betting special ability, so… I am very popular on the second floor!” “It turns out that it is because of the practice rules on the second floor of Tiangu Purgatory!” Layer also one

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