Although he was very reluctant, Man City still sent Jessica’s champions league plan to Marvin who was far away in the depths of the star world. Hearing that Jessica came in person, Marvin breathed a sigh of relief. In this situation, the most fearful thing is not that there are not many strong people, but the lack of a person with leadership qualities to gather their strength. Both O’Brien poker and Inheim are strong, but neither is the kind of person who is good at calling the shots. The sea elf queen is purely a foreign aid, and basically can’t get in the roulette. But Jessica is different, her innate temperament can easily make people trust her. Although she prefers to solve problems with her fists rather than tricks, that doesn’t mean she’s not good at arranging the Evolution gamebaccarat. Jessica has only one mission for Marvin: be ready at any time to kill Mingfeng! In the southern suburbs of the City of Steel, under the transmission of the power of apocalypse, everyone received Jessica’s instructions instantly. Although everyone is very unfamiliar with Paripesa, it is true that no one has any meaning for Jessica to temporarily take over the command. Everyone is smart, and the only goal now is to kill Mingfeng. But if you want to kill Mingfeng, the four totem pillars are the focus. Endless Ocean and Marvin failed to cooperate because Endless Ocean was alone. Now the legends have finally arrived, the jungle banshee Chloe, the volcano giant wood, the sea elf queen, plus Jessica herself. The four legendary spellcasters presided over a totem pillar respectively. During the time when they poured their own power into it, the effects of the four totem enchantments and gods were multiplied immediately, and even completely cut off the source of Mingfeng’s power in an instant! In the face of the harassment of the demonized wizard army and the servants of the gods, the legends also used their own methods. Inheim and

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