The blood of purgatory that the blood master had saved for a long time was accepted by Chen Xiang with a smile. If the blood master knew that Chen Xiang used his purgatory blood to plant trees, he would definitely be so angry! Chen Xiang put the bowl of purgatory holy marrow next to the tree’s Yuanshi Daohun, and let Yuanshi Daohun absorb it by itself. The Dao Soul of Yuanshi, who was still like a cloud of light and mist just now, absorbed a large amount of Purgatory Holy Marrow, and soon grew a tree trunk! “What will the purgatory blood tree look like?” Li Yuanyuan was very curious, looking forward to Betking, and secretly excited. If there is such a tree and it can bear fruit, then every divine fruit is very precious! “Brother Shen, if this kind of tree is really planted, BetWinner will definitely need to absorb a lot of energy!” Patriarch Guo said: “I don’t know if the energy inside the Mirror of the Six Paths is enough for real madrid!” “This is indeed a big problem “Chen Xiang naturally knew that something like the blood of purgatory requires a lot of energy to affiliate, after all the blood of purgatory itself contains powerful power. “Let’s talk about it when the time comes!” Chen Xiang said manly. Half a bowl of Purgatory Holy Marrow has been consumed, Chen Xiang, Li Yuanyuan, and Patriarch Guo are all very heartbroken, bleeding from their hearts! This is the holy marrow of purgatory, half a bowl is gone! “The sapling is finished!” Patriarch Guo said: “Brother Shen Slot Games, betting quickly put away the Purgatory Holy Essence!” Chen Xiang hurriedly put it away! “Leave it to us next. We will grow the purgatory blood tree. After the fruit is produced, we will use the fruit as a seed, so that there will be many fruit trees!” The patriarch Guo said with a smile: “This needs the help of sister Jing!” Rapid growth, It is no problem to need the time power of the time domain to speed up time. Chen Xiang’s headache is energy, but fortunately, Tiangu Purgatory

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