Chen Xiang saw Li Yuanyuan’s worry about livescore, thinking that he was worried that they would die in this betway, so he comforted him: “Yuanyuan, don’t be afraid, I’m here! We will definitely live! At that time, I will have A star that belongs to you!” “Young master, such a big star and so powerful, can you bear it? It’s just you and me! How can we guard it?” Li Yuanyuan sighed softly: “We It would be a good forebet to occupy a small area! Besides, this star may not be very good in the future!” Li Yuanyuan is not optimistic about the future of this star at all! “There must be a way!” Chen Xiang said. “Young master, think about it! If this star rumble can move, it will definitely run around and cause trouble. Can Mozzartbet be stable? If you need to find a star, at least you have to find one that is safe!” Li Yuanyuan said . “That’s why you don’t understand!” Chen Xiang said with a grin, “Actually, we just need to enter the inner core space of the star, as long as we get there, we can control the star!” Chen Xiang had entered the ancient star before. Sportybet kernel space, so 22Bet can communicate with Tiangu Protoss! This star does not have protoss now, which means that real madrid will be very easy to control! “Inner space?” Li Yuanyuan really doesn’t know anything about the interior of the star, after all, few people can touch it. Not to mention Li Yuanyuan, even the elders of the Temple of Time, and many powerful people from ancient powers, they don’t understand this! However, they do know that the stars have protoss, but they usually use some seals to seal the protoss of the stars. Chen Xiang is now waiting for the end of the ancient catastrophe, and see how the situation will be when the time comes.

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