From Chen Xiang’s point of view, that blood master didn’t seem to be able to arrange barriers, he took out the magic mirror of six paths to take a look, and sister Xiaojing also said that it was indeed very strong and couldn’t be broken in a short time! Even if Chen Xiang uses space jump, he can’t penetrate through it! Boom Boom Slot Games! Chen Xiang and Li Yuanyuan suddenly heard loud noises coming from the back of the tunnel, as if something from the Champions League was rushing over! “No, it’s the Blood Thunder Beast!” Li Yuanyuan exclaimed in shock: “Master, that thing is very scary, let’s hide quickly!” Chen Xiang pulled Li Yuan’s man city Yuan and immediately entered the Tianxuan space! The Blood Thunder Beast rushed over madly, but didn’t find Chen Xiang and Li Yuanyuan, and then bumped into the barrier of Nairabet’s gate, and was bounced away by the barrier! Chen Xiang also saw the appearance of the Blood Thunder Beast, it looked like a giant bull, covered with spikes all over its body, when it was running, bursts of violent thunder would come out of its nose! “This thing is indeed very strong!” Chen Xiang said: “Could it be that we were discovered?” Chen Xiang and Li Yuanyuan found that no one was pretending, and it didn’t leave, just lying on the ground! “It may be that the gate sensed someone approaching! Then it triggered some mechanism and released the Blood Thunder Beast!” Chen Xiang said. He used the Magic Mirror of Six Paths to explore the barrier of the gate before, and released his consciousness to enter. It should be something triggered by the Premier League. “My lord, even if you pass through the gate through Betking, there should be bloody slaves inside!” Li Yuanyuan sighed quietly, and said, “It’s really too difficult to get the blood and marrow of purgatory! Why don’t we give up first?” , don’t take any chances!” She was really worried that something would happen.

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