Chen Xiang didn’t know that in the eyes of the Beast Realm elders, he and Gong Baihe were already dead. In fact, Gong Baihe also thinks so, she just didn’t say it! In the past, she would have been very pessimistic, but now that she met Shen Spinmatic Xiang, a glimmer of hope ignited in her heart. For those who are perennially pessimistic, although there is only a glimmer of hope, a single spark can start a prairie fire. In Gong Baihe’s pessimistic and desperate dark world, there is a glimmer of light. Chen Xiang originally asked Gong Baihe to go out to kill humans and ferocious beasts to collect beast cores, but she refused to go, and wanted to stay with Chen Xiang, just in case, it can be seen that Nairabet is still very cautious now. In order not to be found again, Chen Xiang and Gongchelsa Baihe spent a lot of effort to move the space deep underground. So Yi Guangting went to look for Chen Xiang later, but he couldn’t find him. He went to find Chen Xiang, just wanting to tell him about the situation on the fifth floor, hoping to reconsider joining the Temple of Time. Not finding Chen Xiang, Yi Guangting could only leave disappointed! Chen Xiang is still refining the beast pill, and he also often contacts Da Lingxue, learning about the outside situation from her. Although Da Lingxue can’t go through the crystal wall in the lobby to understand the situation on the fifth floor, she can learn a lot of news from Da Longzu, which is all passed back by the disciples of Yitian Longmen! Da Lingxue said that the disciples of Yitian Longmen have improved by leaps and bounds because of the help of time monks! The same is true for disciples of other sects, and disciples of other sects have entered the fourth floor one after another. Those few disciples from the Heavenly Ancestor Sect have already obtained enough beast cores, and started alchemy in the small trial city, preparing to enter the baccarat fifth floor! After Chen Xiang heard the news,

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