After Chen Xiang got five Eternal Flame Crystals, he started alchemy with Pragmatic Play! He is inside the pearl oyster, and he can rely on the space power released by the nine space pearls inside, and cooperate with his magic furnace to make alchemy, which will have a better effect. There is also Slot Games, he can use his own spatial fate to reverse the flow of time. When he was on the second level of Liverpool, the Pearl King’s spatial power could do it. And now, Chen Xiang can do it by relying on the power of Slot Games Space Fate! In this way, he can refine the Eternal Flame Divine Pill in a shorter time! Chen Xiang had been refining alchemy inside the Pearl Oyster for a long time, but after he came out, only two days had passed outside. He has also refined five Eternal Flame Divine Pills now! According to the five-for-one agreement he had agreed with the old patriarch, he could exchange for twenty-five Eternal Flame Crystals. Chen Xiang needs a large amount of Eternal Flame Crystals, which he will use to refine his fate for himself! At that time, he will be able to fully grasp the Eternal Flame! This is a terrible fire. Chen Xiang only needs to wait patiently, and the Eternal Flame Crystals will arrive one after another. He was resting inside the pearl oyster, and suddenly a long-lost feeling appeared. After sensing it, he immediately jumped up! If it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of Bet9ja’s feeling, he would have almost forgotten about that Great Yaozu! Yaozu of Great Yitian didn’t die, but was trapped in a certain space, before Chen Xiang had to struggle to communicate with her. Later she gave Chen Xiang a suggestion, that is to let him practice the Yaotian Divine Art, in order to rescue her soul from that space. After Dayaozu got in touch with Chen Xiang, he rested, and Chen Xiang also entered the Immortal War Profound Demon Pagoda afterwards, and almost didn’t think about it. “I now

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