Novel: ,,,,,,,,, Ah Hu was seriously injured, the huge tiger-shaped animal body was beaten to a bloody mess, unable to return to human form in the premier league, and the soul flashscore was also violently attacked, Has fallen into a coma. They didn’t kill Ah Hu, it was equivalent to provoking Chen Xiang! Otherwise, they could have killed Ahu and taken away Ahu’s suit. They didn’t have to fuse with them, leaving a sigh of relief for Ahu, and let him fall in a pool of blood! Those people Slot Games flew in the air with eight little spiders, and they couldn’t get up to speed. They were not afraid of being overtaken by Chen Xiang, they were all confident. As long as there are living beasts, a picture will appear in the lobby! The eight little spiders did not die, but were seriously injured, and their souls were also severely injured by Chen Xiang, so the crystal panel in the lobby also showed a picture, overlooking those people who snatched Mozzart and bet the little spiders! An angry Chen Xiang followed closely behind. He was also very clear that there were no rules for 22Bet in this kind of place. The big fist is the last word. As long as he is strong enough, he can destroy the opponent and take back what belongs to him! Not long after, Chen Xiang la liga chased after him, and the few people in front seemed to be aware of it. But they just looked back, and then continued to fly, they were not afraid of Chen Xiang at all! Chen Xiang still has Endorphina, a second-layer beast core blasting beast pill in his hand, he will definitely use it when necessary, forebet will never spare it! After all, he has been robbed of so many beasts now, and they are all beast cores! Moreover, Ah Hu was seriously injured, he had to make the other party pay the price! Chen Xiang was flying in the air, his speed was much faster than those few people, he quickly arrived in front of those few people! A total of three men and two women

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