On Sword Harbor, the roar of the shadow dragon is spreading! Their sound waves naturally carry the power of fear. The sailors on the pirate ship tried to attack the shadow dragon and the knights of the premier league above with bows and arrows. However, the dark guard in armor is not afraid of bows and arrows at all, and the shadow dragon is in a semi-virtual state, its essence comes from the shadow plane, and it basically ignores physical damage! “Roar! Betway” A shadow dragon swooped down and directly broke the main mast of a pirate ship! The pirate ship roared in the strong wind, swaying from side to side. The Dark Guard jumped down suddenly and landed on the left side of the ship! After being remodeled by the King of Night, the Dark Guard weighs incomparably huge. When the ship was shaking, it played a terrible role in breaking the balance! The pirate ship rolled directly to the left! The shadow dragon swooped down and captured the dark guard again. Similar scenes were repeated over and over again. And the wizard group from the headquarters of the Southern Wizarding Union decided to retreat when they saw the twelve shadow dragons! Wizards are different from other fighters, they have a fairly high degree of autonomy in the alliance. Although Master Mingfeng’s order has a very restrictive effect, they will never go to death in the face of this situation. The glow of the magic carpet lights up the night, whoosh! Everyone started to retreat, run away! Marvin watched all this coldly, and under his deliberate order, all wizards were not pursued. He let them escape on purpose. Anyway, in a few days, this group of people will experience an extremely terrifying catastrophe. Now 1xBet, although Betway is gone, they still have terrible energy. If these wizards are hard

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