Dark blue background color novel reading network blue starting point blue selection scrolling speed selection automatic page turning automatic real madrid page with sidebar first Nairabet volume lost territory nobles At this critical moment, Ma Pragmatic play texts don’t care so much. ∽↗, even though Ibrahimovic had rushed over and tried to dispel the soul energy with the tablet of truth, but under Olikai’s curse, a large amount of energy was poured into Marvin’s body. The purpose of Slot Games is very simple, even if you die, you will be backed! He wants to use these energies to explode Marvin! Marvin’s body was in severe pain, and without thinking about it, he directly chose to confirm. In the next second, something magical happened with 1xBet. The element pool is fully open, and the power of the element extraction system is fully activated… The energy of the element is being absorbed… The speed is 100 In an instant, Marvin was dumbfounded. He no longer felt any discomfort. But on his own data panel, the column of general experience began to skyrocket like a rocket! Ibrahimovic was extremely worried, and asked loudly, “How are you? Take this slate of truth quickly!” In order to save Marvin, he even lent out the treasure of the Wood Elf royal family. However, Marvin said loudly: “I’m fine.” “Put away the slate of truth quickly.” His tone was a bit weird: “I seem to be… a blessing in disguise…” In the silent valley, a large amount of soul energy Surrounding Marvin like this, stuffing it into Marvin’s body frantically and turbulently. Zlatan Ibrahimovic put away the stone of truth and watched from the side of Betway dumbfounded. If it was another person, even if he was himself, without the protection of the slate of truth, he would probably be blown up by this powerful energy, right? However, this amazing guy in front of me

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