When Juggernaut Master Paripesa said this, it was obvious that he was shirking responsibility, and the group of Holy Masters who were in charge of guarding the gate were immediately dissatisfied! Although the sword master is very famous and powerful, but being so unreasonable at this moment also makes these saint masters angry! “Sword Saint, you let him come here, don’t you have no responsibility at all? Besides, the upper class also said that anyone who has the ability to enter the skyless domain, if you can’t stop it, don’t stop it!” An old man said angrily. Anyone can see that it was the Juggernaut Master who couldn’t catch Leap, and finally came here! “There are hundreds of thousands of you guarding here, but you can’t stop two of them? What are you trash?” The Sword Master is not afraid of the Holy Lord in Bet9ja at all. The Tianxian Holy Master who was beside her was also silent, her status was too low to dare to argue with the Holy Master here! “The guy with the fate of the universe, the ghost knows how strong he is, isn’t it normal that we can’t stop Slot Games? Since that guy ran away under your hands, you should be very clear that he used extremely clever space power Jumping, how do we stop it?” The flashscore old man sneered and said, “Besides, is it our fault? It doesn’t count if you say it, but it counts if the upper-level people say it!” At this moment, there seemed to be a voice It came from the sky, and everyone looked at the sky. “Sword Master, Heavenly Sage Lord, go back and deal with the affairs of your sect first! Arrange the affairs of your chelsa’s respective sects, and then enter the realm of no sky, and bring people back!” The domain of Endorphina? What’s going on inside?” asked the Sword Master. And everyone else is acting very humble now, only the Sword Master dares to ask! “You enter the realm of no sky

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