After talking with Chen Xiang, the Fallen Heart Holy Master returned to the luxurious lobby in desperation. After all, this was the most majestic place for him back then, and only here could he find some comfort! He would rather believe that the Tianhuo sage is dead than accept that the Tianhuo 1xBet sage is a traitor! The Fallen Heart Lord even started to spinmatically suspect that Chen Xiang was most likely sent by the Heavenly Sage Lord to mess with his mentality! Because if it weren’t for Chen Xiang’s words, he wouldn’t become as cranky as Betting is now! However, he soon understood that the reason why he was thinking wildly was mainly because he had some doubts in his heart, and Chen Xiang, a rumble outsider, told the truth now, so he started to think! The Fallen Heart Lord sat in the luxurious lobby, looking very decadent, all he could do now was to wait patiently for Chen Xiang! If it wasn’t for Chen Xiang telling him to be patient with Pragmatic Play, he might go directly to Yitian Sage and Heaven’s Punishment Sage to ask them to understand! Once he gets serious, he will definitely torture them! Chen Xiang was refining alchemy, and he also knew that the current mood of Holy Lord Fallen Heart was not right, but he didn’t talk too much with Holy Lord Fallen Heart, he was testing the state of mind of Holy Lord Fallen Heart in la liga! If the Fallen Heart Lord is impulsive and reckless, and can’t hold his breath, then he is not a person who can accomplish great things, and the next cooperation cannot continue! “Brother, what will be the effect of using the purified creation power to refine pills? How can we create a new practice law, BetWinner?” Sister Xiaojing said, “I’m also at a bottleneck now. I can’t break through…” “I don’t know! Maybe this time is different. I need my cultivation to reach a certain level and have a deeper understanding of the new level before I can create

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