“” Best Genre: Work: Number: Word Count: 2286Parimatch9774 Related novels: Summary of the previous chapter: Paripesa… her cosmic fate, but she is also very worried about Chen Xiang! If she waits here for the Champions League to go on, she might be able to see Chen Xiang very soon and be sure of her safety! “Shen Xiang will be fine! Yitian Sage and the others can’t do anything to Chen Xiang, what can he do? After this kid ran out of that mountain, his strength might be able to beat us!” Leap Taoist Sage said: “What you need to pay attention to now is not to let your cosmic fate fall into their hands!” “Okay, let’s rumble away now!” Cailian nodded. The Daoist Sage used some methods to help Cailian hide, and then the two quietly followed Yitian Sage and the others, following behind. Through the conversation between Yitian Sages and the others, Chen Xiang also learned that Cailian did not enter alone…Summary of the last two chapters:…Summary of the last three chapters:… Summary of the last four chapters:…Summary of the last five chapters:…Summary of the last six chapters:…Summary of the last seven chapters:…Summary of the last eight chapters:. …Summary of the last nine chapters:……Summary of the last ten chapters:……Chen Xiang discovered that he seriously underestimated the flashscore creation power! He originally thought that after refining the creation power transformed into a curse spirit into a pill, he would be able to let himself control it, but now he is out of control! For so many years, there has never been a pill like this once he has refined it using the technique of Tianlian! Two pills of magic spirit can be fused and recombined in real madrid’s body to become a new magic spirit! It can be said that two

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