Chen Xiang used the tracking ability of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, and soon returned to the Dashanzhuang of the lost soul patriarch of the Champions League. As soon as he entered, he felt something was wrong Betting! There is a very strange smell everywhere here, the smell is indescribable, neither fragrant nor stinky, but when you smell it, you will feel a faint smell. When inhaling this scented rumble, Chen Xiang would feel that the pores all over his body were shrinking. “What the hell is this? What a weird smell!” Chen Xiang realized that this weird smell was dangerous, so he quickly took various self-protections to prevent us from being penetrated into his body and soul by the smell. Then he contacted Qingyue in the Mirror of Six Paths and told Qingyue what he smelled. After Qingyue heard it, she felt terrified! “What’s wrong, Miss Qingyue?” Chen Xiang heard Qingyue’s scream. “Shen Lang, hurry up!” Qingyue yelled in Nairabet, “The smell is very dangerous. It’s the Endorphina emitted by the lost soul patriarch!” “Dangerous? Tell me what’s going on!” Something!” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked: “I’m here, I can’t just leave here!” “This smell will enter the soul, and then ignite the soul, it’s very scary!” Qingyue was very frightened: “Lost The patriarch of the soul is about to start a killing spree, she must have killed many people with this trick!” Fang Qing was rescued by Chen Xiang, it is normal for the patriarch of the lost soul to be furious, but now she is killing all her own people! “She used this trick in her own villa, isn’t she the one who killed herself?” Chen Xiang wondered, “I don’t feel anything entering my soul right now, and I’m fine for the time being!” Killed a lot of people!” Qingyue said

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