Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Cailian of course wants to go to the South Fallen Forest to look for Chen Xiang, and then look for her cosmic destiny. However, she couldn’t let go of this magical medicine city! One must know that Chen Xiang took a lot of effort to defend the Divine Medicine Treasure City, and there were several waves of man city sieges before, Li Minqing and the others also worked very hard to defend this city. Now that she has just stabilized, Cailian doesn’t want to just leave, because Yi Tianshu is still here, and it is very likely that the Yitian sage will attack the city again. “You can’t let go of this city?” The sage roulette also saw through Cailian’s thoughts, and said, “Don’t worry, the sage Yitian won’t come!” “Why? Yi Tianshu is here, she is the sage Yitian The substitute who transfers the power of the spell, the Yitian sage will come, right?” Cailian said. “Girl, you don’t know! Yitian Shengxian’s Nairabet method of transferring magic spells can only transfer a small part of it!” The Taoist Shengxian laughed and said: “Even if he catches Yi Tianshu, he will still be able to transfer the magic spell in the end.” How can it be so easy to escape the curse?” “What?” Cailian Parimatch was startled, she really thought that the Yitian sage had escaped the magic many times over the years by using this method spell power. “It can only transfer a little bit, flashscore can make him less uncomfortable! The spells of our four great sages are all different. The spells of Yi Tian sages are a kind of pain, so as long as you can transfer a little bit of pain poker, It will also be more comfortable for him,” said the Daoist sage. “Then he wants to catch Xiaoshu here even more!” Cailian shook her head and said, “So I can’t leave! This city is very important to Chen Xiang!” “I told Yi Tiansheng

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