Novel: ,,,,,,,,, the terrifying root of the chaotic dragon tree has reached the deep ground of the Yitian Mountain Range, and has begun to devour the terrain of Tianyuan. It has to be said that the Tianyuan terrain of Yitian Mountain Range is very huge, and it will take a while for the Chaos Dragon Tree to swallow it up. Unlike the previous Yitian City, the Evolution game was swallowed up by the Chaos Dragon Tree in an instant! However, Master Yitian was not in a hurry. Because for him, sooner or later he will be punished by the Yitian sages anyway, so it doesn’t matter whether he protects the Yitian Mountain Range or not. “Brother Master, is it okay for us to wait for the Yitian Mountain Range to be drained of the Tianyuan terrain?” Uncle Yu was a little worried. “Don’t worry, when the ancestor comes, he will quickly take down the treasure city of magic medicine, and then the Yitianmen will be built in the treasure city of medicine.” Yitian said, “At that time, both Ayan and Xiaoshu will be destroyed. Catch it! How we treated Ayan before, then we can sports betting how to treat Xiaoshu…” Uncle Yu just smiled, very wickedly. Nie Linghuo was suspended in the air, and when he saw movement on the side of the Yitian Mountain Range, and the ground was squirming, he knew that there were a lot of tree roots underground. Endorphina, but Yitianmen gives people a feeling of being irresistible. Not long after, he saw a large number of Yitianmen disciples flying out. “They gave up the Yitian Mountain Range?” Nie Linghuo was surprised. Seeing that the Yitian betting mountain range could not stop the roots of the Chaos Dragon Tree, the elders of other sects were all anxious! They really didn’t expect that Yitianmen didn’t make any resistance, and just retreated the people directly! This shows that Yitianmen has no choice! Everyone in these five forces is very anxious, but the head teacher and elders of Yitianmen are not at all worried.

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